But that’s not the point of the Ruby Duke.
The Duke of Ruby had an angry howl in his ear.
No matter what the siren is going to do, this deep-sea species will not forget to bring the king-level distortion hatred to him.
"Hista dew! I @ # $% …&*! ! ! ! !”
Chapter 44
"’the sea’ is the only inspiration from the mother tree."
The fairy imperial crown stayed in the priest’s temple
It makes her look almost like she wants to blend in there.
"You …"
"You don’t need to be respectful, just call me Edith," said the female elf. "For you, I’m just an elder."
This is true in terms of position and status.
Lano did not refuse that kindness of the elf crown.
At this time, the mother tree took the initiative to weave two chairs, and two cups of fresh juice were put on the table top of the rattan weaving.
"It’s a specialty of mother tree. I think we have a lot to say … so let’s sit down and talk about it."
Edith said this.
Lano picked up the quilt juice, and it tasted good. After thinking about it, he felt that the elf empire didn’t have the need to poison him here, so he drank it slowly.
"I think you will have a lot of questions."
Edith said
There is no doubt that this elf in the immortal species looks like an elderly person. Although it appears from the appearance, the years naturally have the breath of years flowing.
"There are many … but not so urgent," Lano said.
He is still willing to listen to what the elves want to tell him first.
"Mother tree enlightenment rarely goes wrong," Edith said. "When the siren empire lost its crown for the first time, the mother tree gave us a warning. We once thought that we would lose our allies forever. However, no matter whether they persisted on their own today and a year ago, we once again sought the mother tree to guide us to the sea. Neither we nor our friends in Senhai Youlan thought that it would eventually point to the lost crown."
But the result is already here.
"So, what did you do to seek guidance from the mother tree?" Lano asked.
"Sensitive question-"Edith smiled. "Every revelation of Mother Tree is very precious, and this time we asked a question that may not have an answer-Kuroshio, we didn’t mean to reveal it publicly, but it’s not an excessive request to change the venue to the sea. Besides, it’s a process similar to … the Universiade. To be honest, we don’t know when the revelation will come true, so we can do our best.
If it’s a deep-sea species, it’s more or less suspicious, but the elves can’t do anything about it, and no one thought of the problem when the enlightenment came true.
"All the stars in the future …"
"All stars have no past"
Elf king said like this.
"We have consciously come to know the world, and we have never stopped fighting the Kuroshio. This is a tiring thing for all races, and it is not from this world."
"It seems that the history of the Elf Empire is more than I expected." This is the same as what the observer told him. After the collapse of the old world, the battle with the Kuroshio continued.
"Because of the mother tree, we have to remember more than Senhai Youlan," said the elf, looking up.
"What is the mother tree like?" Lanuo asked some doubtfully.
To tell the truth, the mother tree of elves seems to have been the default thing for all stars, and when it comes to fantasy, everyone also acquiesces to not talking about science, and no one has ever doubted it … But it’s strange to think of a magic stick tree that can give inspiration anyway!
"At first, the mother tree was the place where all elves were born and blessed. The mother tree was the holy land of wind elements-but later we chose to leave the mother tree and build a new city to communicate with the outside world. All this was forced to choose friends from the deep sea. Maybe it was luckier than us."
"You mean sen sea orchid …"
"The water element plane of Senhai Youlan has completely protected the core of the mother tree, but it is not like this. We have no choice," Elf King said lightly. "We can find a way out until today, although we still praise the great mother tree, I think some elves have forgotten Mother Tree Day."
It is very normal that the elves have changed, and even all kinds of changes will happen in this process, which is just a natural event in the face of great changes
Lan Norton said, "Senhai Youlan is not necessarily luckier than the elf empire."
Up to now, it is still in a state of complete autism. It is really a matter of uncertainty who is luckier than Senhai Youlan and Elves.
"Maybe" fairy crown didn’t say it again.
This matter is like drinking water, knowing that the sea and the orchid are calm, and establishing the painful elf empire of the siren. It didn’t take a great change to stumble into today’s shape
"The mother tree was once the object of our sacrifice-it still has mysterious characteristics until now," Edith finally explained. "So we stopped praying to the mother tree, even though we knew that we had failed once, this time the generous mother tree gave us guidance again … and it was the last time."
Lano was suddenly a change.
The so-called mysterious nature may have something to do with divinity, but Edith means that the elf mother tree can no longer give inspiration? !
"It’s not a strange thing. It’s like this for the whole star. The mysterious characteristics are gradually disappearing, and the powerful fantasy blood is dying … not only the fairy empire, the holy dragon and the blood spirit are like this."
Lano suddenly remembered that there was a simple conversation between the Holy Dragon Empire and his teammates. It is true that there is no white silver dragon in the Holy Dragon Empire. There is also Ji Lieyang in Huang Jinlong, the last pure blood sapphire. The same is true, but the great achievements of the Holy Dragon Family are not as obvious as the decline
He is not familiar with the blood spirit empire, but Senhai Youlan is a result of the previous changes. Does anyone have the mood to explore such a thing? But since the elf crown has said so, so must the elf empire.
"We are at the end of the last"
Edith said with a smile
Her smile made Lano feel a little trance, and it took him a while to think that Bai’s smile was like an observer at a certain moment-but the observer was so indifferent.
"I think it will be the wish of all races to live, but if I can’t continue, I will still be happy until I return to the mother tree branches at the last minute."
But the elf king is still so indifferent. Of course, she is willing to fight to the end, but from Leno’s point of view, Edith may have been ready to die.
"I can’t be content." Lano sighed gently.
If he can face all these disasters naturally, then he will not take the crown from the beginning
"Only the mother tree will guide the future of the sea," Edith said.
Lano was silent for a moment.
"What’s so pessimistic-you will study the Kuroshio differently?"
"It’s a pity," Idis said. "From the past to the present, Kuroshio, the known intelligence of all races in all studies, is temporarily equal to France. What we can do is to stand in a stalemate with Kuroshio, but fighting with Kuroshio also gives Kuroshio nutrients. The scope of interstellar battlefield has been expanding."
There is no need to give it to the whole star
"What about the source of the Kuroshio?"
Even in the old days, we still didn’t understand that the destruction brought by Kuroshio was sudden and almost impossible to resist, and it was a world price to pay.
Lano was silent for a moment.
He should have known about it long ago, and he didn’t know it. He even saw the old world for Kuroshio.
But he can still be silent at this time.
Then he said slowly, "I’ll want to have a look at the interstellar battlefield."

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