"There is no doubt that Lu Yongxiang is definitely going to run!" PricewaterhouseCoopers "Marshal, now that the enemy’s first mixed brigade has collapsed, our first goal is to keep the first division, the second brigade and the eleventh or twelfth division!"
Zhao Dongyun listened and said, "Oh, what’s the opinion of the war department?"
Yang Dedao: "Because Yinfeng has made a major breakthrough, it has a great strategic advantage for us. At present, the first brigade of Yinfeng has been defeated, and the remnants are retreating in the direction of Ninghe. The 19th brigade of the 10th Division has continued to attack along the railway line, and the 20th brigade has marched in the northwest.
In addition, the Seventh Huncheng Brigade has also attacked from the front line of Chahe River. In this case, what we have to do is to let these two troops move north quickly and then flank the enemy’s first Huncheng Brigade, second Brigade and eleventh division.
However, considering that the enemy’s second brigade has retreated, it is obvious that Lu Yongxiang has given up the first HunChengLv. If we want to stop the second brigade and the eleventh division, then our northern troops still need to accelerate and March lightly. In addition, the second cavalry brigade also needs to strengthen its offensive to contain the eleventh division. "
Zhao Dongyun nodded. "Well, it’s good. Now that the battle area has been considered, let’s go. Let the twentieth brigade and the seventh Huncheng brigade advance light and fast, and they will chase the enemy’s second brigade. In addition, give the first cavalry brigade an order to directly capture Yutian to cooperate with the fifth Huncheng brigade!"
Since the 10th Division of Fengjun defeated the 1st Brigade of the 1st Division of the Straight Army on the 23rd, it has caused a chain reaction rapidly. If the former straight army can barely defend, then the latter straight army on the 23rd has fallen into the stage of line collapse, which means not only a 1st Division or the 1st Hunchenglv, but the whole straight army on the Tangshan front.
After the first brigade of the first division of Zhu Panzao, a direct army on the southern line, retreated from Yinfeng, not only the casualties were less than half, but also the artillery was almost lost, leaving more than 4,000 beaten soldiers fleeing all the way to Ninghe. Although there are still more than 4,000 troops left in the Ministry, both the direct army and the generals in Fengjun already know that this unit has been beaten and lost artillery and heavy machine guns, and even their morale can’t stop a wave of attacks by Fengjun, not to mention that the morale of the Ministry is now plummeting, and there are a lot of deserters.
Although the first HunChengLv in Bao Guiqing, the first line of Huanxizhuang, is still stubborn, both Zhao Dongyun and Lu Yongxiang have actually sentenced this first HunChengLv to death, and even a miracle reappearance can’t change the fact that the first HunChengLv in Bao Guiqing was besieged.
The 11th Division of Li Zhuang’s first-line straight army is facing the second cavalry brigade of Fengjun. If the general of the opposite straight army is smart enough, he will run away. If he is also a elm head, he will be trapped by the second cavalry brigade for a few more days, and he will probably fall into the encirclement of Fengjun.
At present, the 12th Division of the first-line straight army of Yahongqiao is at war with Zonglian Department of the Fifth Hunchenglv of Fengjun, while the first cavalry brigade of the North has arrived in the suburb of Yutian from Zunhua. If this 12th Division continues to fight or is held back, it is estimated that it will be caught in a situation of being attacked by both sides.
Lu Yongxiang personally led the second brigade of the first division, although the situation was better, but there were the tenth division, the twentieth brigade and the seventh Huncheng brigade chasing it. It is also a question whether it can escape.
If we look at the current situation of the straight army from the sand table or the map, we will find that it is very bad for the straight army. A big defeat is almost certain. The only change is how much the straight army will lose!
It has been 12 days since the Tangshan campaign broke out on June 12 to June 24. After 12 days of the war, the straight army has already shown a line rout.
Opposite Zhao Dongyun and other generals who serve the army will naturally not miss this opportunity. Although the current situation is different from what was expected, they are planning to make a breakthrough from Huanxi Village, but now the breakthrough in Yinfeng Line can also achieve similar goals. From the 23rd, the army will attack on the line.
And the first complete collapse is naturally the first HunChengLv in Bao Guiqing.
On the afternoon of 25th, the first HunChengLv suffered heavy casualties. At eleven o’clock in the afternoon, Bao Guiqing officially raised the white flag and surrendered to Meng Enyuan, commander of the first army in charge of Huanxizhuang War. By the time of surrender, the first HunChengLv had more than 5,000 people before the war, leaving more than 3,000 people. Most of his casualties occurred in the past twelve hours.
Before, although the two armies were engaged in a lively event, the actual casualties on both sides were limited, and there were not many cases of large-scale casualties on both sides. The first time that the straight army suffered large-scale casualties was when the first brigade was defeated, more than 2,000 people were killed or injured.
This is the second time that the First Huncheng Brigade has collapsed on a large scale in the past 12 hours, and more than 1,000 people have been killed and injured during the collapse, which is more than the total number of casualties in the combat department in the previous ten days.
Apart from these two battles, in fact, casualties on both sides are limited, usually dozens of casualties and as many as hundreds of casualties. Casualties are very few, and there is no such thing as casualties in a day during the Russo-Japanese War. What? Because there are only tens of thousands of people in the two armies! It’s really not easy to get thousands of casualties in one day. It’s necessary to know the tens of thousands of casualties in the Japanese-Russian War and World War I on the western front, that is, the establishment of other people’s participating troops is hundreds of thousands or millions.
If we calculate the casualty rate of the troops, the casualty rate of this direct war is not small, much less than that of the southern civil war
After Fengjun annihilated the first Hunchenglv, it didn’t stop. The third division quickly turned west to reinforce the second cavalry brigade. The eleventh division opposite the second cavalry brigade also saw something bad early. It immediately retreated to the west and was not pursued by Fengjun’s second cavalry brigade during the retreat. Not only did it kill nearly a thousand people, but it also lost Wang Yingkai’s recent purchase of more than ten thirty-year field guns from Japan.
In the north, when the first cavalry brigade of Fengjun tried to conquer Yutian, it was intercepted by an infantry regiment left behind by the twelfth division of the straight army. Although the contemporary cavalry units were already playing a step battle, it was not their strong point to fight a tough battle. Immediately after the first cavalry division failed to test and attack, it went directly south to the main force of the twelfth division.
With a genial smile, the main force of the 12th Division also ran off, and even Yutian’s regiment didn’t meet and retreated directly to Jixian County. Yutian’s infantry regiment, which belongs to the 12th Division, faced with the subsequent attack of the Fifth Hunchenglv, didn’t resist for a day and simply raised the white flag to declare its surrender.
By the 27th, the remnants of the direct army had retreated to Baodi, Jixian and Ninghe respectively, and the battle of Tangshan, which lasted for half a month, ended with a great victory.
In recent days, the Fengjun army is almost full of festive colors, which can be seen from the battle report meeting of the headquarters that many generals attending the meeting are all relaxed.
Even Zhao Dongyun changed his usual calm and cold look and smiled a little.
"The battle of Tangshan lasted fifteen days from the 12th of June to the 27th of yesterday. Our army successively had the 3rd Division, the 9th Division, the 10th Division, the 5th Huncheng Brigade, the 7th Huncheng Brigade, the 1st Cavalry Brigade, the 2nd Cavalry Brigade, the 1st Mortar Battalion, the 3rd Mortar Battalion, and other combat troops. In addition, two transport battalions of the Communications Department and a support group of the Military Supplies Department participated in the logistics trench transportation, and the total number of participants exceeded 100,000."
This population of 100,000 people actually has a considerable amount of water, because it contains a large number of civilian workers and administrative personnel, such as a support group of the Ministry of Military Supplies. In fact, it is composed of recruiting and hiring civilian workers. In fact, the two transportation camps of the Transportation Department are railway department workers, but they are temporarily incorporated into the Transportation Camp of the Transportation Department to uniformly allocate railway capacity.
In addition to all kinds of chaos and bad people, the real combat troops are about 65 thousand
However, these 65,000 people are already the most elite troops of Fengjun. Although the total size of Fengjun now exceeds 100,000 people, this 100,000 people also include more than 20,000 patrol troops, more than 5,000 new provincial troops and new barracks training, and more than 10,000 new recruits are prepared to be added to the first division and two mixed brigades of the provincial army.
At present, all the main forces that can take out their hands are only about 70 thousand, of which 5 thousand are in Chengde and 65 thousand are in Tangshan
"During the half-month war, the various parts of our army suffered casualties, such as the third division killed 120 people and injured 370 people, the ninth division killed 270 people and injured 300 people, and the tenth division …"
"The Seventh Mixed Brigade in China has a high casualty rate. The Ministry was in the front line in the first few days of fighting, especially in the last two days. In the late pursuit war, the Ministry fought with the second brigade led by Lu Yongxiang and was attacked by the enemy cavalry regiment, resulting in heavy casualties. At present, 330 people were killed and 427 people were injured. Due to the heavy casualties, the Ministry urgently needs to rest and replenish its troops and equipment!"
"In all ministries, 1,600 people were killed and 2,200 injured in our army!" Listen to the number of casualties in the wall. Many faces are brightening up gradually. It’s not a small number that there are more than 3,000 casualties. Although it’s not enough to hurt the Bong Army, it’s enough to affect the subsequent combat effectiveness of the Bong Army.
"In addition, in the course of our army’s war, we lost four 75 mm field guns, ten mm guns and sixty mm mortars, twenty-seven heavy machine guns!"
Relatively speaking, Fengjun’s losses are not small, but their achievements are even greater.
"In this war, our army encircled the enemy’s first Hunchenglv, and hit the enemy’s first brigade, eleventh division and twelfth division, killing more than 2,000 enemy soldiers, leaving 3,000 wounded and 5,000 captured."
Compared with the number of killed and wounded prisoners, the number of captured prisoners is larger. This is mainly because Bao Guiqing No.1 Huncheng Brigade was trapped in the encirclement and finally forced to surrender. At the same time, a regiment of the Twelfth Division quickly surrendered without large-scale resistance. The sum of these two departments is that more than 5,000 prisoners were sent to Fengjun, and the number of casualties is actually an estimate. The number of killed enemies that can really be counted is the bodies left by the enemy in the war in the next few days. However, it is difficult to calculate the number of wounded soldiers.
However, the loss of the direct army in this battle is less than 10,000, and the losses are still the first brigade of the first division of the elite troops. The first Hunchenglv are all the old Beiyang troops. Wang Yingkai, a panic in these two departments, surrendered, and one was hit hard. It can be said that Wang Yingkai’s main elite has lost more than half, leaving the eleventh division and the twelfth division with a group of recruits in the newly-formed troops to support the follow-up war.
Compared with the loss of troops, the loss of heavy weapons in the direct army is more deadly!

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