That is the historical process.
Duke doesn’t know if he can prevent the next Nerazu raid. If he can, there probably won’t be a historical alliance’s cross-world expedition against Delano. However, whether it will be an expedition or not, whether the Burning Legion’s plot against Azeroth will be extinguished or not, the third Dark Gate War will inevitably come.
If you want to talk about what the third Dark Gate War has to do with Marigos, it will be great.
In the third war, it is easy to think of the undead of the Natural Disaster Corps. However, if there is no frost wyrm Corps at the apex of the undead force, even if human beings transform skeletons and zombies after death, it will be scum before the truly extraordinary power.
However, it is more troublesome to have more slag.
Yeah, it’s just the level of trouble
But with the frost wyrm legion, it is directly from quantity to qualitative change.
Where did the undead frost wyrm Legion come from?
Didn’t it kill the blue dragon in the betrayal war in Neltharion ten thousand years ago?
Sindragosa, the leader of the frost wyrm legion, is definitely the super general of Arthas, the lich king.
Who’s Sindragosa?
Still asking?
It’s the dead wife of Malygos, the magic king!
Duke came to his senses and just heard alexstrasza’s almost pleading tone. "Duke, I know Malygos’s attitude is not good, but he is still good and ready to perform his duties in dragon aspects again. Will you let him calculate that I owe you a small favor this time?"
"good!" Duke promised alexstrasza a sigh of relief. Duke refused to answer her just now. He also asked Duke to have a big collision with Marigos in the Temple of Longmian. She didn’t think Duke would win, but both sides were’ own’. She really didn’t want conflicts between the two sides.
Marigos just said, "Well, look at alexstrasza’s face. I won’t dispute your attitude with you. I know you want magic power, so show your magic skills, mortal! If you can satisfy me, how about I instantly upgrade you to what you humans call Master Huiyue? "
Duke’s waist suddenly straightened up, and the corners of his mouth evoked a mysterious arc. If he was familiar with Duke enough, he would know that Duke was going to dig a hole again.
Fortunately, Duke spared Malygos this time when he watched the Red Dragon Queen. There were too many ways to tease Duke about this large blue head, but he was cornered in one breath.
For example, shake out Marigos’ period of mental disorder, give up the dark experiments of Quel Salas and Dalaran when monitoring the world-wide magic, what steel alchemists are forbidden to refine the human body, and what can poison all biological and biochemical experiments in Fiona Fang for thousands of miles at one time …
Once these things were known by Malygos that the old blue dragon was not mad, he would kill the two’ magic shrines’ by himself.
Alexstrasza certainly didn’t know that Duke had so much bad water in his stomach, but she was a woman with amazing intuition. She Huo Ran realized that Duke should really have a way to kill Marigos like Neltharion.
I feel that Duke is finally at ease, and the queen’s heart is also full of flavors.
Duke said to himself, "Well, it’s understandable that your wife is dead. I also want to dig a hole for the idiot. I can’t bear this tone."
Duke suddenly looked up and stared at the mysterious smile on Marigos’ mouth in’ Heaven’. "Do you want to see my magic skills? But let me show you the maze! "
Duke raised his hand …
For a moment, Marigos almost wanted to magically explode and paste Duke’s face.
But when Marigos saw clearly what Duke’s magic had conjured up, he was silent
Duke Tong has injected his own distant memories from the battle of the frozen crown in the game, and from the memories of Sindragosa in a series of gorgeous cutscenes.
Duke, like an irresponsible visionary, gave the wizard a magical structure that I want to restore enough to convince Malygos and a name of Sindragosa.
Then the unified elves perfectly Duke fantasized about injecting bones and tendons with blood and * *
With the rapid consumption of magic in Duque’s magic circuit, a huge illusion of bone dragon is appearing in Malygos’ eyes.
At first, the illusion of bone dragon was like a horizontal lizard skeleton drawn by a primary school student, but it soon changed from a piece of chaos to a clearly visible sign of bones.
Every bump
Each cartilage connecte to each other.
The proportion of each bone
At this time, Marigos could not help but tremble slightly.
This is not the end.
If the concept of biomarker was reorganized before, then the concept of pure magic was reborn.
Duke’s vision of a huge bone dragon, which has become ten meters long, has a magical circulation breath.
One by one, new magic circuits are being built and formed in this phantom bone dragon! to be continued
Chapter 636 has passed
Duke can actually build a new magic circuit from a fabricated illusion! ?
How many dragon geniuses are most familiar with their bodies, and they all stumble over how to build a good magic circuit, not to mention an illusion that they are not familiar with, and how to build a magic circuit in foreign creatures.
Besides, it looks like Duke didn’t just make it up.
Because there is a familiar smell of Marigosby in that newly born magic circuit.
That’s the breath of Sindragosa’s most specialized frost magic circuit!
"How can you possibly know what Sindragosa is good at?" In the temple’s independence, the rolling clouds in the sky have solidified, as well as the expression of Malygos sticking his head out of the clouds
Neltharion’s betrayal 10,000 years ago was the biggest shame of Azeroth.
Even in the dragon records, only the names and numbers of the dead are recorded, and no one will know about the data of the blue dragon queen except those who can count the ancient dragon roots.
Marigos, the natural tomb of his spouse, has just been to the root and no one has touched it.
Then how did Duke know that Sindragosa was a frost dragon and not a magic dragon like him?
Alexstrasza told Duke?
Duke’s performance continues
That bone dragon body that is almost exactly like Sindragosa is not only haunted by magic circuits, but also grows white muscles visible to the naked eye. Every layer of flesh and blood will have corresponding blood magic circuits, and the dragon body will be shaped.
Duke’s magic power is constantly consumed, but there is no wave, even a little magic power, with the help of the elves.
Every ounce of magic is made into that illusory Sindragosa face.

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