"You can’t ask people to sneak around. Who wants to go with you? Do you know who I am?" Avril Lavigne blinked as if she had just heard the vernacular.
Seeing Avril Lavigne playing dumb, Liu Xuan and Gong Sunjinglan snigger in their hearts, how many people in Yanbei Academy were cheated by her? Otherwise, how could they fall into a nickname of little witch?
Sure enough, Li Mingfeng also grabbed Avril Lavigne’s handle and smiled. "Is that little princess coming with me?"
Of course, he is trying to retreat. Now that he knows the identity of Avril Lavigne, he can threaten Avril Lavigne.
Who knows that Avril Lavigne curled her lips? "You scolded me when I didn’t go to the boat. I want to tell my uncle about this."
Li Mingfeng was dumbfounded at that time. At that time, the fighting was so fierce that he forgot whether he had ever scolded Avril Lavigne, but at that time he really didn’t know the identity of Avril Lavigne. This is very likely.
I thought about it. I didn’t expect Avril to make a fuss. It happened that he just admitted that he knew Avril’s identity, but he didn’t know it when he was on the boat.
This Li Mingfeng was dumbfounded. Don’t worry about the spiritual practice. Princess Fanbang just can’t. They are members of the Tong Xuan Temple and belong to the royal family. At ordinary times, they all feel that they are so superior to the spiritual practice, but it is this foreign-related issue that they really dare not care.
A look at Li Mingfeng’s beaten sample Liu Xuanxin laughed, and the tension was relaxed just now.
Liu Xuan gave Li Mingfeng a hand. "I don’t know if Li asked me to go on business?"
"Liu Gong is welcome to call me Deacon Li, but the word" adult "can be counted. Although the world of mortals is, after all, to cultivate immortality, it is better not to be contaminated with these tacky things."
Talking some fear left a glance at the little witch "Liu Gong can borrow a step to talk"
Liuxuan surprise, of course, don’t say that he is alone, even if he meets him one-on-one, even if he can’t beat Liuxuan, he is still sure.
Stay a little far away. Li Mingfeng wrapped two people with a wave of his hand and a sound barrier.
"Come with me" is not the same as what I just said. Just now, please say it now, but it sounds a little threatening.
Liuxuan left him a heart. Do you really treat me like a bully?
"I don’t remember any elders in my imperial city" is almost a direct refusal.
Li Mingfeng eyebrows a cu heart way this small not only strength abnormal personality is quite donkey don’t you know this is the imperial city? I can’t do anything about the prince. Can’t I do anything about you? Although you are a disciple of Taiji Gate, don’t say that you haven’t entered Taiji Gate yet. Even if you have entered Taiji Gate now, what about the royal family? It is a ten-door imperial city and a site of Gankun Cave.
So Li Mingfeng’s smile gradually closed up. "Liu Gong, is this not for face?"
Liuxuan looked at Li Mingfeng coldly. He had already shook the short knife in his hand. Heaven’s knife was humming for more than a foot. Blue Mountain kept jumping. Two people were so close. Liuxuan was very sure that Li Mingfeng would stop and no one would meet him. Even if he had a blue-red pupil, he could not stop his second knife.
This is Li Mingfeng’s own cocoon. He has the ability to handle affairs through the Xuan Temple. How can he come out alone? But he just shows off his screen-sound skills. Others may be that the sound is blocked or they can vaguely see the situation inside. But he is afraid that Gong Qi and Wu Shi will rob him, so he adds another small means to block the line of sight.
So he was tragic for a moment and forgot Liu Xuan’s move. He can be sure that Liu Xuan’s style can’t be unlimited, but he knows that Liu Xuan’s state after wielding a knife is much better than that of his blue and red eyes at a time. You know, after Liu Xuan beheaded him, he still chopped Hu Yi’s treasure.
Li Mingfeng didn’t dare to bet that he could feel a strong sense of war in Liuxuan’s eyes. What kind of person did Xuandian do in these years? He had never seen Liuxuan unusually calm in front of him. It was definitely a frequent killer, which means he was very sure to slay himself.
Li Mingfeng was afraid. It’s not hard to imagine his age from his silver hair. He was already over 200 years old. He had already repaired the truth before the Tianqin Dynasty was built. It was his life’s regret that he chose to join the Tong Xuan Temple because he knew very well that he was practicing hard and was very sorry for his life.
Finally, Li Mingfeng smiled bitterly. "Liu Gong, you will really move your hand like this again, which is not good for you. If the royal family rebounds, Taiji Gate will not protect you."
Liu Xuan is unmoved and still maintains a posture of sending power at any time. "I don’t think so. Believe me, Deacon Li, I will never be wanted by the royal family and I can still join Taiji Gate. Do you want to gamble with me?"
Li Mingfeng didn’t dare to bet on Liu Xuan’s expression. He suddenly felt that the teenager in front of him seemed to be an old monster who had lived for thousands of years. Because he was calm and capable, he was definitely not able to have it at his age.
Li Mingfeng smiled awkwardly. "It’s Luo Dian who mainly sees you."
There are three halls and six halls in the Tong Xuan Temple, which correspond to six departments in three provinces in the DPRK. It can also be recognized that the three palaces and six hospitals echo each other from a distance. Although it is the influence of Tianqin, it is the three temple owners whose interests are inseparable except the outer space.
These temple masters are not loyal to heaven, they are all elected by the major mysterious forces, but the first condition is to pass through the mysterious temple master.
Because there are no descendants, he can devote his mind to practicing and helping the royal directors. All three of their training resources come from the top ten Xuanmen Institute, and each of them has multiple Xuanmen, which also eliminates the possibility of seeking a Xuanmen for personal gain.
This Lord Luo Dian is exactly the three temple masters. He claims to speak with Luo Gu, because his practice is a mantra, which is very strange and rarely used as a weapon. Their main attack weapon is the Fuan, and they will seal their skills into the Fuan. For example, the three most common moves of Lord Luo Dian are to draw a dungeon sword, a tree, a knife, a mountain and an arm.
The hand-to-hand calendar refers to the main difficulty. Don’t say that the opponent who is slightly inferior is effective even if he is slightly better than the caster. This is very similar to Wu Shi Lei Yin. If there is a short pause in the battle, I believe everyone knows what the result will be.
I won’t elaborate on Jianshudaoshan. This is a group attack range and the main attack.
However, if you draw the dungeon master seal, you won’t be tied down like an arm-to-arm calendar, but if you are recruited, you can move in a small range, and it is even more difficult to get out.
The Lord Luo Dian is also the Lord in charge of punishment in the Tong Xuan Temple, and it is also the day when the sea let Li Mingfeng release the strong man.
A listen to is a pulse of the strong summoned LiuXuan this just took the heaven knife in his hand, he is not confident to abnormal condition can withstand the pulse of the strong after.
Don’t talk about the pulse-changing order, but if Liu Xuan is really bent on calculating the gas-condensing order, most of the failures are still Liu Xuan. He has been doing well in lecturing the third-order method and the digital gas-condensing order spiritual practice, all of which are based on the other party’s ignorance of his strength.
Just say that when the Prince of Yan was assassinated, his second knife did no harm to the red-haired old man, and it was still a sneak attack. Changing the second encounter with Liu Xuan would not give Liu Xuan a chance, except for Li Mingfeng today.
It’s not that he doesn’t know Liu Xuan’s sword trick, but that he didn’t expect Liu Xuan to dare to make moves. After all, this is the imperial city and he is a royal spiritual practice. This is what he Li Mingfeng never expected to continue.
15. See the dragon face at first sight
When Liu Xuan said goodbye to Wu, they handed Liu Xuan a small box containing insects that look very similar to cicadas. "This box contains concentric insects that can help you find us when you come back."
Concentric worms are more common in contact props in spiritual practice. Concentric worms are a kind of spiritual worms that can live for decades after spiritual feeding, and each concentric worm has a partner for a lifetime. Once mated, there will be a kind of spiritual connection. Two adults will attract each other within a certain range, which is much more convenient than homing pigeons. Many spiritual practices like concentric worms as contact tools.
Liuxuan nodded to Wu. Avril Lavigne came to hold Liuxuan’s arm and shook it. Now the little witch Liuxuan is acting more and more like a child. Maybe she is familiar with Liuxuan, and her nature also shows it. Liuxuan touched her head and she was a little angry and knocked out Liuxuan’s hand.

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