"Emoko, what do you think the head wants us to go to the hotel this time?" A player tiger side some asked doubtfully.
The tiger put out the cigarette in his hand and threw it on the ground and severely crushed his feet. "I’m afraid something big will happen recently!" "
At this time, a group of unified black westerners came out of the hotel, and there were two rows of deputy armed players around them, looking around warily.
At first glance, the tiger smiled at the familiar faces in the enclosure and walked past with some piqueness.
"Hey, isn’t this the Dragon Palace this dragon king? What a coincidence! "
The dragon king is discussing the development countermeasures of the legion with his own ingenuity group, and he is slightly surprised to see the tiger coming towards him.
Several players immediately stopped Tiger Road from getting closer to the Dragon King.
"Yes! It looks quite imposing. This ostentation and extravagance looks like a triad society. I didn’t expect this to be done in the game. You are also extremely! " Tiger disdainfully took a glance at the people around him and set his eyes on the Dragon King.
The dragon king snorted with a smile on his face. He waved his hand to let the surrounding members stand back and walk forward kindly. He held out his hand and smiled. "I have long heard that Xiangmo Mountain was a brave young man who fought tigers. You are the first to dare to speak in this tone before me!"
"Don’t look at me with that hypocritical expression. I think you are disgusting!" The tiger looked at him savagely, and he will never forget that the Dragon Palace was like suppressing his brothers at that time, and this beam had already been tied.
The dragon king was not angered by his words, but he whispered in close proximity to the tiger’s ear, "because those people have already died."
After that, he also blew a sigh of warning in the tiger’s ear.
"Remember to be honest with your children and I will let you go this time. If you are careful again, you will be killed miserably!"
With malicious laughter, the dragon king bypassed the tiger and left with his legion members in a mighty way.
The members around them watched the scene angrily, but they dared to speak out. They were worried that the legion would fall into perdition because of their own impulse.
When Li Xiangkui and Lin Mo arrived at the door of the hotel, he noticed that the members were all listless and couldn’t help but suddenly raise a fire in his heart.
"Is that your attitude?" A roar frightened some people in the place. They looked up and saw that it was the ferocious face of the colonel, and they couldn’t help feeling guilty.
Seeing this scene, Li Xiangkun hated iron for not turning into steel. He looked at the tiger against the wall and shouted, "Tiger, why don’t you explain?"
"The boss is that the brothers have been a little tired recently, and they are in a bad state." The tiger looked straight and quietly at Li Xiangkui and replied.
Li xianglian felt something was wrong in his heart. It is reasonable to say that every time a tiger sees himself, he will pounce as hard as seeing a million. Today he is so calm.
His tone softened, and even if he didn’t trust people, he wouldn’t distrust tigers. "Come on, what’s not telling me?"
"Eldest brother, you haven’t managed the legion for a long time. Do you know what happened during this period? Do you know what our present position is like? " Tiger changed his former silly wait for a while style, and his whole mood became very excited, and his eyes became red.
"I …" Li Xiangkun was a little speechless by this sentence. He never thought that the optimist tiger could say such a thing. It seems that he really grew up to be a responsible man.
Lin Mo winked at the tiger, but the latter pretended not to see it and went straight to the front of Li Xiangkang and grabbed his collar.
"Boss, although I don’t know what you are really busy with during this period, the whole legion is overwhelmed by so many things every day. Do you know how much you have paid for her dream?"
Li Xiangkun didn’t speak. He lowered his head and bangs covered his dark eyes. He couldn’t see what was revealed inside.
The surrounding members don’t know how the tiger, which was calm just now, suddenly became like this and rushed forward to pull two people.
"step back! Don’t come over! " Lee sang-soo’s hair turned around and looked around at the members who were close to him.
"Tiger, you are quick to head loose! What do you have to say about being rude? " Zhang Dazhuang comforted the tiger and wanted him to calm down and not do anything stupid.
"Big strong this matter you no matter! I must wake up the boss and let him know what he should do! " As soon as the words sound just fell, he swung a punch right in the face of Li Xiangrui.
Immediately, Li Xiangkui’s face swelled up. He raised his hand and wiped the blood on his mouth, but he didn’t mean to strike back.
"Tiger! Didn’t you just meet the Dragon Palace people? You are not so angry? " Zhang Dazhuang can feel the power of that punch when he looks at it. It takes a lot of great hatred to do so.
Tiger turned to stare at Zhang Dazhuang, bloodshot eyes almost covered the whole eye.
"Big strong, I’m not saying I won’t let you tube? This is between me and him. "
Li Xiangkang kept his head down and lifted it. He shook his hair and gently pushed him. Lin Mo looked at the tiger and said sadly, "Did the Dragon King say something? Or did he threaten you? "
"No … he didn’t say anything." Tiger shook his head stubbornly and tilted his head. He didn’t dare to look directly at Li Xiangkun’s eyes, which seemed to see through all the facts.
"You are lying!" Li Xiangkui’s tone was a little harsh. "Every time you lie, your breath will be disordered and your head will unconsciously lean to one side because you are afraid to see my eyes."
Tiger is silent. He can recognize Li Xiangkun as the boss not because of his military value or kind personality. There are many people in this world, but only Li Xiangkun can really see what he is thinking.
"Don’t worry, we will get up soon, and we will never be bullied by his legion again, I promise." Li Xiangkun patted him on the shoulder and gave him a big smile, although his face was swollen and he smiled ugly.
After two people restored calm, more than 100 people walked into the hotel, and Li Xiangkun had already booked a conference hall that could accommodate more than 100 people through the military to get to the hotel number.
When the meeting was about to begin, Yanfeng finally hurried over, covered in dust and looking like a tramp.
"Sorry, Xiang Lian just came back from far away, and he died several times all the way to the base." Yanfeng made some apologies to the surrounding members, then changed his clothes and sat beside Li Xiang Lian.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-six Buying a warehouse
When everyone is in place, Li Xiangkun stares at the population in the place and asks, "What do you think is the status of our legion now?"
This issue is like a frying pan, and the whole conference hall is rioting. Everyone is whispering and wondering what the colonel’s question means
"To tell the truth, I want to hear the truth." He knocked on the desktop as if knocking on everyone’s heart
Yanfeng see no one first made a sample.
"It is true that our legion is in a very inferior position now, but compared with most legions, it has some unique advantages."
Li Xiangkang nodded his head and motioned for him to continue.
Yan Feng smoothed her thoughts and continued to express her views. "The disadvantage is that several large legions of the Dragon Palace now monopolize the resources near the base, and they have abundant funds and many experts, so the policy adaptation is very smooth."
"But our legion is special, because our leader can be said to be a game parent, and his name can be seen in most world notices, so he is a symbol of our legion and a symbol of strength, so that large legions will be afraid of us, and many small and medium-sized legions will be afraid of our opposition. This is what I call advantage."
After Yan Feng finished speaking, Li Xiangkun clapped his hands and gave him a praise expression.
"Yan Feng said it was very good. He said that we are in an embarrassing situation. The summary is that we are not qualified to become a large legion, but it does not belong to the category of a small legion. This kind of scene can easily lead to the abandonment of a legion."
Tai Hu interrupted Li Xiangyu and got up and said, "Boss, that dragon king is so arrogant. Why don’t we give him some color?"
"Sit down!" Lee sang-woon stared his one eye, and the tiger sat down obediently.
"The development speed of Dragon Palace far exceeds our imagination, so it is not that we can compete now." Li Xiangkui’s eyes are cold and he exudes a horrible smell. "But! This does not mean that we will always be trampled by him. I have already found a way to improve the strength of the legion. "
The scene was boiling, and the shame of being tortured and killed by the Dragon Palace a few months ago was deeply buried in everyone’s heart. Their greatest wish was to be able to defeat the Dragon Palace in an upright manner. This sentence just poked their hearts, so how can they not be excited?
"The colonel should be able to improve our strength. My old cow is the first to blow up the dragon king’s pig head!" A strong player is dancing with a huge axe in his hand.
"I’ve heard that there are many experts in Dragon Palace, and I’d like to have a good training with them." The original green sword has already been replaced by the waist scabbard, which is more luxurious than the black hilt, and it reveals a cold spirit.
"and me!"
"How can such a thing forget me!"
More and more people come out to echo Li Xiangkun.
It’s good to see these young people with boiling blood with satisfaction that they are really young!
"In that case, I won’t sell it anymore. I think everyone has heard that the mysterious field belongs to us for six days. This is an excellent opportunity for us. I hope everyone will cherish it."
They will rewrite the fate of the weak at this moment when they shout in unison throughout the conference room.

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