"I’m never kidding. If you agree, put mental defense. If you don’t agree, I can kill you." Xu Ren sneered at the Godsworn who was obsessed with the Great Inflammation Dynasty. This man was calm but calm, and he was just as easy to renege.
"Don’t insult me too much. I’m afraid of you." Brother Ning Qiaojing of Dayan Dynasty turned against him. He didn’t want to be a slave of Xu Ren.
"To tell you the truth, I really don’t like you. Your realistic power is really triple, but there is no hope to enter a realm in this life. I give you a chance, and I really need manpower. Actually, I prefer to kill you directly." Xu Ren coldly looked at the Godsworn of the Great Inflammation Dynasty. He had already seen through each other’s small thoughts
"Very well, then let me learn how big you are, how dare you be so boastful?" The Godsworn of Great Inflammation Dynasty said that he had dashed towards Xu Ren with his sword.
Xu Ren is also not very angry. Friars of the Great Inflammation Dynasty waved Xinghai sword directly and cut out a sword like the Milky Way.
Since it is lovers, Xu Ren will naturally not leave his hand. One person is destined to live in this world war.
Friar Dayan was shocked. When he met Xu Ren, the other side was in close combat. At that time, Xu Ren was already terrible. I didn’t expect it to be stronger than before.
The great inflammation dynasty monk also didn’t want to directly waved his sword to meet Xu Ren’s attack.
The collision potential of two long swords is even greater than that of the former Gao Tieshan, the great inflammation dynasty, and the double monk’s life and death blow potential.
Friar Dayan felt as if he had been hit by a mountain, and the impact of great power made him involuntarily fly backwards, and the blood in his mouth formed a blood arrow.
Xu Ren also suffered a huge shock. After his body was extremely fast, his unloading was much better than that of the Great Inflammation Dynasty. The triple monk was half-constantly adjusting his body shape, and soon the powerful impact was resolved.
After removing the impact force, Xu Ren didn’t wait for his body to fall to the ground, so he used the ladder-cloud vertical posture to rush toward the triple friar of the Great Inflammation Dynasty.
Seeing Xu Ren’s figure getting closer and closer, the Great Inflammation Dynasty finally knew that he was afraid and immediately shouted, "Don’t kill me, I am willing to follow you."
Xu Renze laughed coldly. "It’s too late now. Keep it for generations."
Xu Ren, who has spoken, has attacked the triple friar of the Great Inflammation Dynasty.
"I don’t I unwilling! ….. "Godsworn of the Great Inflammation Dynasty is filled with despair, but he can’t do anything except be killed at the moment, because just Xu Ren fought with each other to make his blood surge and his strength impact is not exhausted. He can’t even speak. Where is the spare capacity to pick up Xu Ren’s attack?
Xu Ren closed his sword and stood up just now. He was really hit hard. He was physically strong and slightly less affected than the monk of the Great Inflammation Dynasty. After killing the monk of the Great Inflammation Dynasty, he also needed time to regain his strength.
When Xu Renwen’s figure absorbed the lingshi to supplement the consumption, the monk’s body of Dayan Dynasty also fell to the ground, and the skull lay more than two feet away and ended up in a different place.
When Xu Ren regained his strength, Gao Tieshan and Chen Zhong arrived. Now, these two men are loyal to Xu Ren, and they are also worried that Xu Ren will be in danger when he pursues the Triple Friar.
"It’s really admirable that the triple monk was killed so easily." Gao Tieshan was relieved to see that Xu Ren was fine, but he was still shocked by Xu Ren’s strength. He found that he was more and more inaccurate in estimating Xu Ren’s strength, and he could give him an unexpected result every time he was in trouble.
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Ideas
Xu Ren’s feat is no longer one or two, but none of them killed Gao Tieshan and Chen Zhong with three major inflammatory dynasties, which shocked them even more. The triple monk Daning Dynasty’s mountain gate is the core force, even if it is put in Xianmen, it is not a mediocre generation, but such people have been killed by Xu Ren, who has never shown much. Gao Tieshan and Chen Zhong naturally have a taste in their hearts.
"Actually, it’s no big deal. The Ning Dynasty is just a small dynasty on the edge of China’s sky. There is a bigger empire and a stronger monk. The Daning Dynasty can’t match it, but now our strength is limited. Even the Daning Dynasty has to face many threats. There is still a long way to practice after you." Looking at Chen Zhonghe Gao Tieshan with a strange look, Xu Ren sighed slightly, but he couldn’t say too much. After all, things are not true but apart from three days. There are three worlds beyond, and there are more vast regions outside, also known as the worlds beyond. Even if it is powerful, the fairy statue in a dream is also a rice field in the whole world, but this rice field already has three vast regions.
"Public knowledge is higher than ours, and we didn’t follow the public before. We became a queen of Daning Dynasty, and our public thinking was also broadened. At best, we became a queen of North Xuanzhou. We didn’t even think about Japan, South Danzhou and West Hezhou, which are closest to us, let alone China in heaven." Gao Tieshan felt a little ashamed after listening to Xu Ren’s words. He never thought about what heaven and earth would be like outside Daning Dynasty, and even if he followed Xu Ren, he didn’t think about a bigger world. However, after listening to Xu Ren’s words today, he discovered that
"I knew you were following the right person long ago, but I didn’t expect you to have such a big mind. The Ning Dynasty was really big for the average person, but it was just a grain of rice for the whole China. In the future, I will diligently practice and strive to go to other places in China to see the scenery with the public." Chen Zhong felt a lot in his heart. He handled a lot of information when he floated in Yunshan, except knowing about the Xianmen and Shanmen of Daning Dynasty, and knowing many things outside Daning Dynasty. From a certain point of view, Chen Zhong’s vision was broader than Gao Tieshan’s, but limited by his own strength.
"Then practice well. The outside world of Daning Dynasty is also very broad. You should think that if you let yourself go further, you can see more and more big world." Xu Ren smiled. Is it enough in a few words? But if you want to go further, you will be sure to practice your own achievements, because people’s horizons will become broader with the growth of strength. The stronger a person’s strength, the farther and farther he can go. The stronger people’s desire for strength.
"It’s a long-term matter. With guidance from the public, I’m sure we can go further, but now there are still some things that are very important to us, such as these personal treasures." Chen Zhong thinks that Xu Ren’s speech is very reasonable, but he also has a more thoughtful director here, that is, immediate interests
"Ha ha, Mr. Chen, it’s also a good idea for you to say that. It’s true that you don’t know where you are going until you see farther, but your hands will never reach you. When you see the distance, you must pick the fruit nearby to ensure that you can live to see the distance with your eyes. Let’s talk about how much we have gained this time." Xu Ren immediately understood this guy’s meaning after listening to Chen Zhong’s words. You can’t stare at the distance and can’t reach things. You can really fill your stomach. It is through these hands that you can reach things and let yourself live.
"Public wisdom is higher than me, but this time I also performed well. I searched the eastern and western parts of those great inflammation dynasties and took a look at them." Chen Zhong said and handed a ring to Xu Ren.
This Na-ring is a double monk’s body in the Great Inflammation Dynasty. Although it is not big, it contains a lot of treasures. Later, Chen Zhong simply took the Na-ring and collected all the good things of his dead brother in the Great Inflammation Dynasty.
"Good, good, good, Chen Zhong, you have a bright future." Xu Ren smiled. Chen Zhong is definitely a good hand at cleaning the battlefield after floating around Yunshan to do dirty work.
Xu Ren results Chen Zhong handed me the ring and took out the contents at the same time. There are a lot of refining materials, Dan medicine and many spiritual materials, and of course there are also spiritual stones.
Xu Ren divided Lingshi into two parts, one part was put in the original ring, and the other half was put in a ring, and then the two rings were handed over to Gao Tieshan, Chen Zhonghe.
"Did you give us all this?" Gao Tieshan and Chen Zhong stared at Xu Ren. Both of them didn’t expect that Xu Ren would directly give them a piece of Na Jie’s joint Lingshi.
"You two are making a fuss. If the value is concerned, isn’t it much higher for me to practice martial arts for you than these lingshi and Najie?" Xu Ren looked at Gao Tieshan and Chen Zhong smiled and said.
"CCBA rightly pointed out that we made a fuss, thinking about the ring is priceless, but I didn’t expect that our practice achievement method is the real treasure." Chen Zhong touched his head, after all, it was too easy to get the achievement method, so that he didn’t even notice the value of the step achievement method.
"Gong, if you take the achievement method to the auction, the stone will not be piled up. Why do you still have to clean up these people’s little money?" Gao Tieshan also thought of his own precious cultivation achievement method. If it were replaced by Lingshi, the number would be amazing. After Xu Ren finished, there was no need to search for those dead Lingshi.
"The achievement method of this kind of thing can’t be arbitrary. Which Zongmen have you ever seen? The achievement method is auctioned outside? Life can’t be anything too easy, too easy to get things may not know how to cherish "Xu Ren patted Gao Tieshan on the shoulder and said.
"You’re right, friar. You have to have friar-like resources around you, but you lack enterprising motivation." Gao Tieshan seems to be nodding his head in succession after listening to Xu Ren’s words.
"It’s best to think so. You must recognize yourself before you have enough strength, or you may get some yourself not to be taunted. You may die then." Xu Ren smiled slightly.
"Are there many monks of the Great Yan Dynasty in Laogao, a vast plateau?" Xu Ren asked while searching for the triple godsworn’s body and things of the wild dynasty.
"There are many monks from other countries in the Mangcang Plateau, and naturally there are monks from the Great Inflammation Dynasty. However, it is rare to have a monk from the Great Inflammation Dynasty at a time. We should still pay attention to some things. Maybe the Great Inflammation Dynasty also has his plans." Xu Ren said that Gao Tieshan also felt that there were some problems. It is not surprising that one or two monks from Daning Dynasty and Wild Dynasty appeared in the Mangcang Plateau, but it is different to have one at a time.
"There may be something else in this matter, so you need to be careful." Xu Ren’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. The feud between a dynasty is very complicated. Now it seems to be harmonious. Maybe it will be tense for a moment. It is definitely difficult for Daning Dynasty to have a border friction with Dayan Dynasty. No one can guarantee that Dayan Dynasty has no idea about Daning Dynasty.
"If the Great Wilderness Dynasty comes to this wild plateau, I have a request …" Gao Tieshan also frowned, and he also thought of one thing.
"Do you want us to collect some news for the barracks?" Gao Tieshan hasn’t said what the specific request is, but he has guessed Gao Tieshan’s idea.
"If there is pressure on both sides of the Daning Dynasty, it is likely to eventually collapse, not only for all our people, but also for my daughter. If the people of the Great Inflammation Dynasty come to the Mangcang Plateau this time and have other plans, I still hope to help the border troops." After years of military life, Gao Tieshan has a special feeling for the border troops stationed in the Mangcang Plateau by Daning Dynasty, and sometimes he involuntarily admits that he is still a member of the northwest border army of Daning Dynasty.
"If you can’t let it go, then do it, but everything will have to wait until we find out the truth before making a decision. Before that, I’m afraid I can’t find out the real purpose of the Great Inflammation Dynasty, but if we meet the Great Inflammation Dynasty or the Friar of the Great Wilderness Dynasty later, we can grab a tongue and ask carefully." Xu Ren is not opposed to the high-speed railway Shanning Dynasty border troops doing something, but the most important thing for him is to find the soil property Xuan Jing first.
"Don’t worry, I won’t delay public affairs." Although Gao Tieshan doesn’t know what Xu Ren is going to do, he knows that it must be a very important thing. Although he has feelings for the northwest frontier army of Daning Dynasty, he can’t delay Xu Ren because of this.
Chapter one hundred and fifteen Martial Arts Road
Xu Ren doesn’t mind helping the northwest frontier army of Daning Dynasty without destroying the original plan. After all, his family and friends are all Daning Dynasty. The more stable Daning Dynasty is, the more secure his family and friends will be. Gao Tieshan still has some feelings for the northwest frontier army of Daning Dynasty. He should give a hand.
"Well, now let’s move on. There may be more danger ahead and I don’t know what else is waiting for us." After cleaning up the mess, Xu Ren and others hurried on.
This time, their speed is even slower, because this core area seems to have added a kind of pressure, and their footsteps are getting heavier and heavier unconsciously.
"I said high are you sure we didn’t go the wrong way? What does it feel like to get heavier and heavier? " Chen Zhongmai walked harder than Gao Tieshan and Xu Ren with heavy steps.
"The road must be right. You feel hard now because your physical strength is not strong enough and you have to strengthen your physical exercise at the same time." Gao Tieshan hit the nail on the head. He was born in the middle key army, and Xu Ren was diligent in martial arts every day. Their strength was much stronger than that of ordinary monks, while Chen Zhong was a serious monk who despised martial arts practice and never paid attention to physical training. Only then did he feel that it was harder to walk than Xu Ren and Gao Tieshan.
"Where on earth are we going? How can there be such a great gravity?" Gao Tieshan wondered in his heart that he had lived in the Mangcang Plateau for a long time when he joined the army, but he had never heard that there was a place with such a great gravity in the Mangcang Plateau.
"I got the information that this is the most abundant place in our Daning Dynasty. The purpose of my coming here is to try my luck and hope to find the five elements of Xuan Jing here." Xu Ren also felt the change of surrounding pressure, as if everything here would become heavier than it is now. Every step I take will consume twice as much power as usual.
"The public election of this place is really unusual. I hope that our trip will not be in vain." Chen Zhong looked at the distance and didn’t know what would happen later
"Of course, we won’t run in vain. Even if we go back now, we still have a lot to gain. Look at your repairs and then look at mine. Isn’t this trip to the Cangcang Plateau worth it?" Gao Tieshan thinks more than Chen Zhong, and this trip to Mangcang Plateau has really gained a lot.
"What you have said seems to be true. When I followed you on duty, I didn’t return to Yuan Jing for five times, but I have reached the ninth level of Yuan Jing, and I still have a chance to break through the three places when I was in condensate. Even if I walk more, it is worthwhile." When I woke up by Gao Tieshan, Chen Zhong immediately came to nothing. Sometimes people are afraid of immediate suffering, but when I think back again, I will find that I have gained a lot.
"Come on, we can walk slowly. The pressure here is just to exercise our physique. After leaving here, our physique will definitely make great progress." Xu Ren thought that Gao Tieshan’s physique is ok, but Chen Zhong’s speed is much worse. We must give Chen Zhong more time to adapt to the environment here.
"Thank you for your attention, I will try my best to adapt." As Xu Ren said, Chen Zhong’s body really needs a good exercise. Especially after seeing that Xu Ren’s single body can coagulate his mind, his resistance to martial arts cultivation is getting smaller and smaller.
Xu Ren also simply handed over some of his improved martial arts classics to Gao Tieshan in Chen Zhonghe.
Chen Zhonghe Gao Tieshan got Xu Ren’s martial arts classics and immediately flipped through them. This flipping was immediately attracted. Who said that martial arts is a vulgar move or a street fighting thing? This thing is as abstruse as uniting the achievement method.
"Male you is the science of uniting the martial arts? It’s no wonder that you can kill the master of coagulation and orifices. It’s really impossible to prevent such unpredictable moves. "Gao Tieshan took martial arts classics and shocked him. He had never seen such complicated martial arts.
"I’m afraid you can’t practice martial arts by this alone. You have to practice martial arts step by step from easy to difficult. Don’t worry. I’ll give you new martial arts classics when you have finished practicing these two sets of martial arts classics." Now Xu Ren has a lot of martial arts classics in his mind and most of them are very complicated. There are various changes. He can take some of them out and give them to Gao Tieshan in Chen Zhonghe first.

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