"Then what do you want?"
The voice asked him, "I don’t know how many years have passed since he was asleep in the original mine. No one refused his invitation to accept disciples. It was the first time that he was rejected."
Entering the forbidden area to become immortal is the right thing for young creatures to refuse.
"Since the seniors don’t want to shoot, can you tell the younger generation that they are isolated from two worlds?"
Lu Chen asked, if the original mine doesn’t work, he can find a way. Maybe there will be someone in the restricted area who is willing to shoot?
"The method is not difficult. It is necessary to have a fairy-god-level strong person willing to re-close the crack at the source of the town forever, which can last for at least another million years."
The sound paused as if it were a deduction that "I will bury you near Shenxing at the coordinates of the source point"
Lu Chen felt that a piece of information flooded into his mind that the coordinates of a star were really buried near the star of God, even not far from the star.
He didn’t expect the other party to be so accommodating and tell himself the solution directly, but he didn’t feel the slightest joy because there would be no fairy gods willing to sacrifice themselves to fill this hole in the original mine.
Knowing this solution is no different from not knowing it. Burying the God Star can also wait for death.
"Let’s leave now that we have our wish."
The fairy god said and stopped going out.
Lu Chen’s mine hole sat cross-legged and silently looked at the Yang blood stone in his hand. The other party didn’t take his token, but obviously he wouldn’t talk to the fairy himself again.
The desire to bury the gods and stars will not be satisfied in the original mine. They knew they were coming as soon as they knew it, so they ignored themselves and just wanted to let themselves back down.
Now that the truth is revealed, the original mine may be able to contain the star disaster, but they are not willing to pay the price.
It’s also that Simon’s empire, no matter how strong it is, probably won’t attack the forbidden area. What are they doing?
Everything is people’s wishful thinking. In this era, the master thinks that the deep blood aristocrats are outsiders.
Can you just accept the reality? He just went back and told the elders and told the world that the accompanying seniors died, and the answer was that the original mine was not willing to get involved?
Bring this … desperate fact to the world?
After sitting for several hours, Lu Chen slowly got up and turned back when he came. It seemed that there was a fairy god still paying attention to himself, and he went to an exit smoothly.
Deep in the darkness, there is spiritual communication
"Meng didn’t take his pledge? Do we have to let the farce happen again? There will be other bugs coming every time. "
One is full of words.
The man called Meng replied, "I think he is a bit like the man who painted the ancient paintings, and it’s not the first time that he went deep into the original mine. When he came here, he pulled out the knife and woke up xi he’s lingering thoughts."
"What are you trying to say?"
"He may be right with the one who said that the knife is immortal and the causal cycle may be liquidated."
"Ah … the fairy gods outside are just a knife. People have long died."
"Yes, after that disaster, heaven and earth will be immortals again. Only we are long. What if the person who left that knife is no longer immortal?"
"You mean … that’s impossible"
"Be careful. How can we change our plans for ten million years? If it is broken, the arrangement will be a disaster. "
"Whatever, but if anyone disturbs our sleep with that token again, I will kill it myself, even if this human comes again."
With his feet on the desert again, Lu Chen felt heavy. He "saw" the original mine hole, but the blood stone was still his body.
He once taught his younger brother that it is better to ask for help than to ask for help. Only self-help can last long.
But now there is really no hope in the funeral calendar. Simon’s empire is like an evil tiger slowly moving towards the sheep of the funeral calendar.
Come or not, Liu Chen was instantly alert because he saw several figures in the distance, which were noble with deep blood!
In the perception of divine knowledge, there are five powerful people in the second step of the final realm, Lu Chen, who immediately entered the forbidden state and fled in the opposite direction.
The five deep blood aristocrats also noticed Lu Chen’s surprise, then made a cruel smile and chased him directly.

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