"Yes, the lair was copied, not to mention that the National Assembly was also a heavy loss, and many strong people died."
"It belongs to the era of wilderness!"
"Well, it’s hard to stop the rise of wild Wu when he steps into Mahayana and someone gathers for the throne."
At the end of the conference, although the creatures of all ethnic groups receded, they still talked about the conference
Even in the future, for a long time, the conference of all nationalities will be the focus of discussion of all nationalities in the mainland.
There is no expansion of protoss territory among the nine fierce families.
Moreover, the protoss people are not allowed to leave their habitat. If any protoss people set foot in the wild, all the creatures can be killed together!
Although the God Emperor has fallen, the protoss heritage has not been underestimated over the years.
Terran natural law is hard to shake
And all the fierce families are also worried that the protoss will come to a larger foe before they are wiped out.
The crowd of ten thousand people gradually receded.
All the fierce families have also left.
The Dragon Emperor will continue to return to the Dragon Skeleton Valley to practice with Chen Dragon Emperor.
After this war, I watched many top emperors fight against the dragon and the phoenix, and I really felt great!
The mysterious palace is full of blood and bones, and the ruins left by the emperor’s war are devastated. Many monks in the mysterious palace have cleaned it up.
There are also many treasures in these strong bags. Although the method can make up for the loss of Xuanji Palace, it is not a small gain.
"Master, try to save the teacher elder sister."
Xiaoyao ran out holding a white cat.
Su Mo remembered at this time that Bei Mingxue quickly took the white cat from Xiaoyao’s arms and came to the old man and said, "This white cat of my predecessors was influenced by the magical power of human beings and animals. I wonder if my predecessors can change it back?"
Said the old man shook his head slightly and said, "The animal way is a little magical power. I can naturally get rid of this white cat animal way."
"But she has been greatly influenced by the descent of the supernatural powers for so long. If she is forcibly expelled from her, I can’t guarantee whether there will be any problems left."
Sumo’s face was worried.
Said that the old man turned around and said, "You don’t have to worry about releasing the great magical power of humanity, so that you can perfectly resolve the beast and restore your brother to what he used to be!"
"The cloud depends on your means."
Said the old man looked next to Kongoji emperor said with a smile.
Call’ cloud’ emperor hands folded gently chanting Buddha’s name, "wild arms benefactor don’t worry and see me to change this benefactor back".
As he spoke, the cloud prompted Yuan Shen to stretch out his fingers and fingertips to condense a powerful magical power to fall into Su Mo’s arms.
This white cat is filled with a mysterious brilliance, like a wave of light.
Everyone watched the white cat fade away from Guanghua and was replaced by a gorgeous woman lying in Su Mo’s arms. It was Beiming Snow!
Su Mo looked at North Ghost Snow and felt a sigh of relief after her physical condition.
This animal road has been perfectly resolved!
North ghost snow face reddish light call a.
Su Mo didn’t react and laughed at this time. He quickly turned to the cloud monk and said, "Thank you for your predecessors."
North ghost snow also bowed to the cloud monk and thanked him sincerely.
"Elder martial sister, do you still recognize me?"
Free and unfettered smile happily gather together.
"When I saw you, you were still an egg. How could I recognize you?" Beimingxue smiled and shook her head slightly.
Su Mo smiled and said, "Go ahead and talk somewhere else."
North Ghost Snow and Xiaoyao bowed down and went away. All the way, Xiaoyao chattered around North Ghost Snow.
"I’m going to enter the Ren Huang temple and leave for the time being."
Said the old man, "What are your plans for coming?"
"Take a break and prepare to enter the ancient battlefield."
Sumo sink a way
In this ancient battlefield, there are many emperors in the ancient war, and there are many magical powers left in the world.
Maybe there’s a corpse in some historic site, maybe there’s mountains and rivers, maybe there’s flowers and trees.
What kind of chance and adventure there will be is anyone’s guess.
"Since you want to enter the ancient battlefield, I will ask you a few things."

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