Su Yu muttered to herself, wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth and looked up and stared at the sky.
I can’t see the man’s expression clearly. His expression is full of gods and jade, and the stars are shrouded in emptiness. The whole body is also very dull, but raising my hand can control the stars to shake Xinghai.
This is a real big shot!
"The father god arrival! Gabriel welcomes the father! "
Gabriel’s expression was crazy, and he raised his hands and shouted, and his tone was crazy to the extreme.
However, the man in the sky ignored Gabriel. He sighed and let the Buddha come from far away. "You? An aborigine? "
The father sighed and the star gave a terrible roar. His nose and mouth were like thunder and tears, which made everyone tremble.
"Hey, this is a big guy!"
Wang Chuan withered and pale, but he couldn’t help whispering.
I don’t know how old the father is, but he still feels young, and there is a trace of vicissitudes in his voice.
"Did an aboriginal offer his seat?"
The father’s voice was indifferent. He stood outside the sky and glanced at Su Yu. Su Yu suddenly felt that his hair was bursting as if all his secrets had been exposed!
At this time, "shua ~!" There is a green mountain flashing, and finally wearing Su Yu’s white robe and waist dragon pattern. Yu Pei sends out a faint light, which actually helps Su Yu resist the father’s snooping!
Su Yu took a deep breath, and only then did he find that his chest and back were completely soaked! Courage and boldness in front of the venerable one comes from the fact that life can be afraid and restrained just as ordinary people need to breathe!
"We can! Please punish God the Father! "
Gabriel felt guilty, his head touched the ground and bowed down to God the Father.
Father ignored him, but looked at Su Yu again. "You are a bit interesting, you indigenous people."
Is there anyone in this world who can shield his mind from prying?
It’s a little weird!
Father has some interest in Su Yu. "Are you from? What’s your name? "
Su Yu, this is with the help of his own murder to resist the fear of heart.
He can’t be afraid!
I can die, but I can’t be afraid of the enemy’s heart!
I have enemies!
Su Yu gritted his teeth and forced himself to stare at the desperate powerful figure in the sky for a moment. "I bet you are really in the real world! ! !”
"Good, interesting."
Father God smiled indifferently, and the sound was still vicissitudes of life, full of starlight, and eyes fell indifferently. Su Yu’s body "You are an ant, but you are also in a hurry. At this time, I am just a member of the body, and I can really break through the real boundary of a strong main plane will barrier."
Father God said yes, he came as a doppelganger, and the avatar’s strength is limited. This doppelganger is stronger than a saint, but it is definitely not as good as the real venerable body.
After all, the venerable sir is powerful and honorable. How can they come here in person because of something bigger?
A Su Yu in the eyes of the little father God? It’s just a big fart. He can send a doppelganger to respond to a call because Uhlir is a wise angel and a fanatic.
"Not respect?"
Su Yu was relieved, her eyes flickered a little, and she was emboldened.
I’m afraid of you if I don’t respect you!
"Ha ha, are you very worried?"
Father’s voice is indifferent and still distant. "It’s a pity that ants are ants after all. Even if we break up, we are still a group of ants in our eyes."
Father God’s tone is dull and indifferent, as if he were indifferent to all creatures like heaven. Life and death are seized by him to calm down.
"You can try. Maybe an ant can pull your horse!"
Su Yu licked his dry lips and his dark pupils were full of crazy colors.

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