! ! !
This is not only the Li Chu courtyard, including Ding Qiunan, Li Qin and Wang Yueyue. They all froze one by one.
Month holding the child up "Hui elder sister come and sit"
"Don’t worry, you sit on your aunt Qiao Yunyi" Wen Hui went straight to Li Chu’s side with the wave.
Sit aside Wang Jiadong looked up "Wen Hui you sit here with me"
"Thank you, uncle!"
Wang Wen looked polite even if he was unhappy. Li Wenhui nodded with a smile.
Shen Yi also said hello to your elders behind his wife.
After sitting, I still looked at my daughter, Li Chu, and felt a little confused.
"Huihui, we haven’t met today, have we? How have I offended you?"
"Hum ~ Dad, you don’t keep your word."
"ah? When did I break my word? "
"The year before last, when my brother got married, you gave him and Yueyue a song, and then you said that when I got married, you would also give me a result? Where’s the song? Have you eaten it? "
Li Wenhui’s words were quiet as soon as they were exported to the yard, followed by everyone laughing.
Daughter singling out Li Chu some in distress situation.
"It’s not Huihui. It’s not that you forgot it yourself at that time."
"I was so nervous at that time that I forgot, but you can forget anything?"
"I … I was nervous when I married my daughter for the first time." Li Chu forced himself to defend himself.
It made everyone laugh even louder.
"Hum, I don’t care. You must sing it to me today."
Li Wenhui has long forgotten about singing. Even if she came to tell her father last night to get some concert tickets, she didn’t remember it.
Or when I was chatting with other colleagues in the experimental building today, they said who sang by herself and who sang by others, and she suddenly remembered that her father’s promise to herself had not been fulfilled.
This thought can make her angry, and this is another unhappy scene just now
"ah? Sing today? But I’m out of stock here! "
"I don’t care if you don’t sing for me today, I’ll tell my grandparents that you are eccentric when you burn paper later."
This is where and where!
Wang Yueyue sat on the other side and rolled her eyes round and round, stuffing the child in her arms into her mother-in-law’s hand, and then she ran off to her own room.
She came out with her guitar in two minutes.
"Give it to Dad Chu. I brought you the guitar."
Li Chu startled to look at the daughter-in-law who fell into the well and saw a ghost, which made the people in the college laugh again.
He can take the guitar and spin his brain at high speed.
"Don’t worry, let me think about it first."
"OK, I’ll give you ten minutes." Wen-hui Li nodded generously, but the words she could say were a headache.
Li Chu did know that a song was especially suitable for his daughter, and he had already figured out the lyrics and tunes, so he didn’t sing it at that time because he was worried that he would cry.
It’s not good for my daughter to cry on her wedding day.
After thinking about it, he didn’t say anything more. He talked casually with his guitar.
"From birth to daily growth, every laugh and cry is so unforgettable …"
After listening to him sing, the courtyard quickly became quiet. Even the little stinky treasure kept staring at grandpa with big eyes and quietly looking at him.
Li Qiaoyun has been behind her niece’s head is not enough at the moment. Isn’t this Li Shu a doctor? How can you still sing? And listen to what they just said as if he wrote the song himself. What’s the situation?
"I’m going to give you to your groom through this short flower gallery today.
I know you have a happy shoulder and you are as happy as an angel.
Although I am half happy and half disappointed at this time, I still want to send the truest blessing.
Dear daughter, a lifetime baby
I wish you happiness, like a girl who grew up with her dear daughter in her arms.
May you bring all the good things to everyone in your life … "
Li Wenhui sat beside her father, quietly listening to happiness and smiling.
She turned her head and looked at it. She moved a pony and sat on her other side. Her husband reached out and held his hand tightly.
After singing once, Li Chu stopped, leaned his guitar against the stone table and drank saliva.
"All right, Huihui, are you satisfied?"
"Dad, you have already written what not to sing for me."
"Okay, Huihui, come here. Mom wants to talk to you."
Ding Qiunan saw at a glance what his man didn’t want his daughter to sing before she got married and interrupted her daughter’s question.
"I’m coming, mom. Thank you, dad. I love you."
Chapter one hundred Jokes
"What’s the name of this song?" There has been no talk Li Qiaoyun mouth asked at this moment.
"Father sings to his daughter"
Li Qiaoyun listened to one leng and then shook his head with a smile.
"Come on, sister Qiu Nan, let’s chat. I’ll go back to my house and rest. Brother-in-law, sit down."
"Qiao Yun, you are all belonging to the family. Don’t mention it, Lao Wang. Let’s go home, too." Li Qin looked at Li Qiaoyun and said hurriedly with everyone.
When Li Qin and them all left, Li Chu and his family were left in the backyard.
Shen Yi looked at his father-in-law with a full face and his head was as big as a bucket at the same time. He was afraid that if his wife suddenly had a whim one day, it would be really fatal for him to learn this thing.
Li Chugang turned his head and saw a flash in his eyes. When he turned his head slightly, he knew what he was thinking.
"Dad, I"
"Don’t worry, Huihui is not that kind of importune, and won’t force you to do something you know you can’t do."
"Hey, hey, dad, I’m not worried"

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