It’s like crossing the river!
Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed and said, "Brothers, come to me!"
He roared directly with a group of monsters, swept directly into the distance with a layer of horror, and the speed was unpredictable, and the flames and evil winds were violently distorted.
When these monsters rushed over, they grimaced and made a direct shot. The thick bone rods in their hands swept around directly and slammed one day to shake the ferocity. Suddenly, I don’t know how many monks burst into pieces.
They have no scruples. Once they are examined, they will kill directly, causing great panic and blood fog.
Ho …
This group of monsters roared, swallowed all over the sky, and several figures suddenly rushed towards their mouths. One by one, the monks gave a fright and shouted loudly, and their bodies were completely out of control. They all flew backwards and mixed with several blood fogs and rushed towards these monsters.
As soon as these monsters closed their mouths, they immediately counted the blood and splashed, eating a mouthful of blood more than happy.
They laughed wildly and swept the bone rods in their hands, killing them all the way to the depths of the mountains, which immediately caused complete destruction.
The seven figures set up huge towers and watched everything leisurely.
In the most square, a dark black bead appeared in the palm of the hand of the figure, which rose slowly and burst into a strange and unpredictable light.
"I’m sorry for the peace of the heavens after the frontier has been fixed forever."
The figure low said
The light of the bead jumps and sends out waves of distorted suction, which is invisible and illegible. Suddenly, the souls of those dead monks are torn and flew towards the bead.
When they offered the pearl, a shawl on a high hill on the other side of the mountain suddenly opened its eyes and flashed a terrible light. When the perspective was exhausted, it immediately noticed the movements of the seven people
This figure reveals a trace of sarcasm and sneers at the corner of his mouth. "As always, Bian is plotting against his compatriots to make a big array of sacrifices to their souls!"
The man exudes a terrible murderous look.
Suddenly, his eyes swept to Xiao Yu and the monsters in a flash.
The monsters swept all the way forward and chased several monks, shouting and fleeing in haste.
"Hundreds of innate creatures are very good. You want to benefit these monsters, but it’s not as good as you want. I’ll take them all away and let you plan them all!"
The man said.
Chapter one thousand five hundred and thirty-six Take away innate creatures
A huge hill, a shawl, and a figure suddenly stood up, and her hair covered her cheeks, revealing two sharp and terrible eyes, and staring at the group of innate creatures, a strange smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.
Suddenly, his body disappeared in an instant, and there was no trace, and there was no breath, as if he had never appeared.
A group of monsters swept all the way forward, ferocious, rolling and grinning, waving their thick bone sticks and sweeping past, making a terrible noise. I don’t know how many monks were bombarded, whining and fleeing in horror
These monsters are raging here, and everyone has no resistance at all. They are like the weakest ants being swept away and killed, and no one can resist them.
The dense forest boomed, the mountains collapsed, the boulders shattered, and everything was in turmoil.
This is the assessment. Just now, this group of monsters directly swept away and caused several deaths to turn into blood fog.
It’s a great disaster
Xiao Yu hung all the way behind them and flew forward to see this group of monsters rushing forward. The excitement was faster than the speed, and the horror quickly reached the depths of the mountains.
"Run away!"
"Monsters, that group of monsters have chased Chief Yang. It’s not fair!"
"Chief Yang, we don’t think this selection is unfair. A group of innate creatures should wait for us to live!"
"Chief Yang!"
"Don’t …"
The crowd was in chaos.
In this virtual reality, a dark pearl is emitting a faint light and flying towards this area. There is a strange suction in the pearl to collect all the dead murders.
Xiao Yu they rushed all the way without noticing the pearl.
The group of monsters swept away and suddenly wiped out a huge mountain in front of them, and a figure flashed directly at the top of the mountain, such as a fleeting glimpse.
"hmm? What person? "
A group of monsters jumped to see that someone had directly escaped their blow. A monster wanted to reach out with a big hand and grabbed it directly in front!
He collapsed in the palm of his hand and squeezed it toward that figure with a rolling ferocity.
The figure’s shawl exudes a big hand and suddenly burst into laughter. His sleeve robe is a pendulum boom and a virtual distortion, and a layer is thicker than the terrorist force’s instantaneous sweeping out. The monster pinched it toward the big shield and failed to shake it!
The monster missed a pinch and swung the thick bone stick in his hand directly toward the figure.
The virtual explosion and fragmentation swept in all directions with all their rage, and it was like a terrible giant mountain collapsed
That figure rushed out of here in a flash, almost to the extreme, and a divine light came far away. He grabbed a scroll and laughed.
Suddenly he threw the scroll and threw it in the middle!
Suddenly, the law of the scroll fairy light rolling emerged, and there was a burst of horror and unpredictable breath.
In that scroll, there was a burst of bright and harsh glow, and the stars flowed inside, and the sun and the moon were so mysterious that it seemed to contain waves of strange fluctuations.
In the face of this strange fluctuation, this group of monsters couldn’t help but look at the scroll and look at it as if they had sensed something.
"What is this!"
"I’m so familiar and kind. There seems to be something calling me inside!"
"What is this?"
"Don’t go and get him!"
This group of monsters all rushed towards the scroll with a big drink, and reached out with a big hand to grasp the scrolls.
That figure ha ha a smile body suddenly rushed to the surface as high as possible scroll immediately turned into a streamer followed closely behind him.
A group of monsters roared, their eyes sparkled and they all rushed towards the scroll with all their desire.
At this moment, it seems that nothing can move them any more. The people in the mountains have lost their temptation. It seems that the scroll is left in their eyes. It seems that the scroll has a fatal temptation for them, which makes them unable to resist chasing it.
Behind Xiao Yu couldn’t help but face a change and hurriedly rushed over and shouted, "What are you doing when you come back?"
"Boss, there is something weird in it!"
"I feel kind and familiar. I must go in and have a look!"
"Boss, help us stop that thing!"
This group of monsters fast toward high rushed to mouth drink a way.
Xiao Yu was so frightened that a golden light rushed over and shouted, "Come back and don’t chase!"
Those monsters are getting faster and faster, chasing the scrolls all the way to Gao Chong without stopping.
Xiao Yu’s body is burning and the rear is closely followed by surprise in his eyes. It is hard to imagine all this. It is the first time he has seen this group of monsters with such a surface.
This is the first time they have disobeyed their orders!
What’s in that scroll!

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