Mo Yu said that she had just taken advantage of the chaos and sent some magic beasts to investigate and felt the power of time. "If we were late, it would only be a moment to kill him half a day earlier."
The analysis of the ink rain is good. If you arrive in karami half a day earlier, you will still absorb less than one tenth of the trace source. At most, it is a small part beyond the strength of the order. Many pioneers will definitely kill it together.
And now karami has just absorbed less than five points of a source. If he is given half a day, he can absorb more than half of the source and really succeed.
The pioneers were slow, but not so slow that there was a real death.
"How long can the Holy Soul Man last?"
They fought and retreated. Liu Chen also asked that the situation was serious, and he was not so sweet.
"At most, my soul source is not limited for an hour. After that, everyone’s state will disappear."
The Holy Spirit said that this is the worst news. Even if they can jointly resist the karami offensive, once the source of the Holy Spirit bottomed out, there will be a great defeat.
"This also play a fart"
Seven kills cut a sword, but karami killed him to make him cough up blood.
"Don’t worry, it’s not over yet. We still haven’t come."
Chasing souls says that we must unite all the people to fight, otherwise karami can break through their defense circle at any time.
She looked into the distance. "You will die if you don’t come if you are sick!"
She knows that there is no problem with the difficulty setting. This time, the difficulty zone is simple enough to die. It is easy to understand that if they grind to the end and kill the offender’s lair, I am afraid they will encounter the real ninth-order strong.
If they had come earlier, these people could have solved the battle, but the pioneers didn’t like it very much, and it was too difficult for them to hold a group because of the collision from all major personalities
Passing 18-wheeler, the shock wave of karami’s bombardment spread to the whole barren magic mountain, and the virtual tremor brought about the collapse of large ancient trees.
The jungle in the southwest is carefully rebuilding the maze. I just collapsed and a strong shock wave swept over and blew everything apart, including his hard work.
If he is crazy, he sits with his hands on his head and screams in pain. His eyes are full of blood.
His head is vertical to the ground and his face is ferocious.
For a long time, he got up and looked in the direction of the shock wave. He patted his face with his hands and said to himself, "You don’t want to be erased, do you? It’s time to kill people. "
Chapter one thousand three hundred and thirteen Order the first person
My crazy tone seems calm, but his eyes are bloodshot like bloodthirsty beasts.
His eyes were fixed on the distant figure and he kept whispering, "It’s you … it’s you …"
At the same time, hundreds of millions of silk threads extend out of the whole woodland and explode. When he travels, the speed trembles and the atmosphere makes the virtual space appear a little crack.
I stared at the black-and-white figure of the stone forest with a ferocious look. He took air billow out of the deep ravine in the wild magic mountain and ran straight over.
At this time, karami also noticed that the figure rushing from afar was like a mad dog with deep hatred eyes, which made him wonder if he had ever seen each other.
Otherwise, what do pioneers do when they look at themselves like this?
Passing 18-wheeler, I almost killed Shilin Fang in an instant. He shook the mountains and roared, and his voice became louder and louder, and finally he almost roared like a beast.
"Is that you … ruined my jie! ?”
He went straight to karami in my crazy roar.
Karami also can’t help each other dash speed and color change hands folded black and white two kinds of power together a beam of light hit virtual split.
Many pioneers paid attention to the deafening roar, and the two sides attacked the junction. One silk thread was exposed by smoke and the other was illuminated by the piercing eyes. The whole stone forest has actually completed someone’s new battlefield.
For those vines that were originally scattered around, they were cut and crushed.
His speed is so fast that the vegetative people in the back of Shilin have no chance to react directly, and the true spirit will come or not.
Heaven’s martial arts are fast and unbreakable, and it’s fate to get to the extreme.
In the smoke and dust, my crazy figure is light and backward, and then I jump like I stepped on something elastic, and finally I decided to look at the offender in the strong wind.
Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at the vegetative body on the ground. "What a nobody."
He meant that the other party made gardens. Although he had a slight defect, he was not stupid. How could he not know that those gardens and various landscapes were all made of vegetarians to hold him back?
It’s just that he’s a little unbearable when he gets sick. Whether it’s finished or not is never the first thing for him. Anyway, he still has ten dead volumes of world S+rating exchange, which is something that ordinary pioneers can’t get. This is also acceptable.
Let’s just say that it’s right for him to have a lower self-evaluation in this kind of situation.
However, he couldn’t bear his hard work and hard work, so his art was ruined by the other side.
Of course, his pioneer must be responsible for this, which makes me crazy about him, and the pioneer’s eyes are also very penetrating.
"Senior, you should be sober and pay attention to the occasion!"
Chasing the Soul shouted that she was given a special one by HarmonyOS besides the nine national congresses to hunt, that is, to keep me from dying.
Funnily enough, I’m a silk freak who is far stronger than her, but I let myself cover it, which shows that this guy’s brain is not normal
If I hadn’t woken up by myself, I would have known each other for a long time. I was mad and angry, and I might have really killed myself, regardless of my friend or foe.
At this time, in a sense, karami is not the most dangerous guy. Being driven crazy by obsessive-compulsive disorder is even more terrible.
Karami waved away the smoke and looked at me with great interest. "It is surprising that there are such strong people as you in the nine major orders."
At this time, there was a drop of milky white blood slipping from his finger. Obviously, he was injured in that blow, which surprised the two remaining offenders in the rear.
"Adults are actually injured!"
Lily of the valley was surprised that she knew what level the other party was in now. The theory is not that the strong can be enemies. How can it be wounded?
"You …"

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